Video Camera for iPhone 2.0 firmware

29 08 2008

This is a free an application called Cycorder. Cycorder gives a better video quality and recording speed than iPhone Video Recorder. Cycorder offers real-time video compression that records video at around 6 – 15 frames per second with no compression delay and supports 384×288 (television 4:3 aspect ratio). Unfortunately it cannot record audio simultaneously. See the details about  Cycorder update. For your information Cycorder only available for Jailbreak iPhone. You can check out my post here for those who would like to unlock & jailbreak your 2G iPhone with latest firmware update.

NOTE: By the time i wrote this post, i was on the iPhone 2.0 software update as my title above. Now, my iPhone on latest software update due to  unlocking & jailbreaking and still using  Cycorder. Until now, Cycorder application still  compatible with jailbreak  iPhone 2.0 – 2.2 firmware.

UPDATE: You may would like transfer video files after made some video to PC. You can check out my post here on Transfer Files Volume 3.

Install Cycorder via Cydia

Launch Cydia. Select “sections” at haptic menu, select “multimedia” category and go to “Cycorder”. After installation complete, your iPhone will be restarted automatically and get ready to take video!.

interface of Cyrcorder is very simple

interface of Cyrcorder is very simple

cycorders video file

cycorder's video file




17 responses

12 12 2008

What you need to do is go to Cydia installer. <- You lost me here…. 🙂 Go to Cydia installer? What is it? Where is it? Is it on the iPhone? Is it something I need to download from somewhere?

12 12 2008

Hai Jamie…

Its have to launch Cydia by tapping Cydia icon on your iPhone “Home Screen”…..If you dont have any Cydia icon on your iPhone, its mean your iPhone still not jailbreak yet.. you have to jailbreak your iPhone in order to get Cydia by installing it via jailbreak tools….( For me, Cydia application is like installer tools for my iPhone, Thats why i call it Cydia installer)..thanks to remind me..

20 12 2008
How To Use Cydia (Jailbreak Beginner Vol.1) « iPhone School’s Weblog

[…] ahead and enjoy with Cydia. Don’t forget to download Cycorder for free that powers your iPhone with Video […]

21 12 2008
Turn Your iPhone Into Video Camera (Jailbreak Beginner Vol.2) « iPhone School’s Weblog

[…] Personnally, Cycorder is definitely the first application to download and I highly recommend every jailbreak user to put this application on your iPhone. For those who haven’t heard of Cycorder, Cycorder lets capture video using iPhone’s built-in camera. Cycorder is not new to long-time jailbreak user. It’s been released since Aug and I had put up a post about Cycorder at that time. For jailbreak beginner, you may refer to my post on how to install Cycorder via Cydia. […]

22 12 2008

I do everything as mentioned but the phone doesn’t restart , It shows a return to Cydia button.

22 12 2008

Hi momo…

seems your cycorder not installed perfectly…this is normal problem due to server and your wifi network connection…just install it again by pressing install button at the right top of your screen…if you want to check whether its installed or not…just launch Cydia, select “manage” at haptic menu and select “package” and check it out…

8 01 2009

I dont have cycorder as an option in the multimedia section.

9 01 2009

hi david..

you have to upgrade your Cydia first.visit my post here how to use cydia…then you have to add sources of saurik, go to cydia > home > more package sources > and look at Telesphoreo Tangelo:


you can add sources manually and add sources by typing “” and press add sources..check out my post here..

26 01 2009
Hung Tran

on a unlock 2g phone how do I set the phone so it does not take money from my prepaid account every time it updates the software? I put my prepaid simcard in it and it takes money from the phone for no reason. I don’t touch any buttons and the phone is not used but when I look on the screen it says your last transaction cost between $.10 to .$45 all the time. Then I turn on WIFI and it does not do this…why is this happening and what can I do to stop this from eating all the money?

26 01 2009

This is common problem for prepaid users…iPhone automatically connect to the network/internet connection since iphone 2.0 software and use your credit for that..a lot of things that you must setup to prevent from losing your credit..base on my experience i will show you how to avoid this..but i recommend you could refer and study about this by searching this issue…just go to “settings”…

1. turn “off” your WIFI
2. turn “off” your “Fetch New Data”
3. select “Fetch New Data”…and turn “off” Push.
4. go to “settings” “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”…look at “Accounts” and you email your email account one by one if you have more than one..and make sure all your email account has been turn “off”.
5. Go to “settings” and select “general”…select “network”…select “Cellular Data Network” and just leave it blank for APN, Username and Password…in the “network” section turn “off” Data Roaming…turn “off” VPN..and turn “off” WIFI..
6. Go to “settings” and select “general” and select “reset” “Reset Network Settings”
7.Don’t touch “safari” icon on your iPhone when you dont have any WIFI will burn your money…

If all setup above does not working..please contact your carrier provider and ask about internet service or data connection to be off or something..

27 01 2009
Hung Tran

I called the ATT people and they said there is no way to turn off the media net since it is an Apple Iphone. The phone is set up to constantly download new stuff to the phone regardless if it’s being used by me or not. I also noticed that is just started doing this on Saturday and never did it before. But since I messed with the settings like you said it has not done it since. But I also noticed that today it took out 1 cent, that was all. The other day when this started happening it took out money 3 or 4 times, the highest one was for $4.03, then $.05, then $.15 and the last one was for $.45 they told me that the only thing they can remove is the messaging on the phone.

2 03 2009
Persuasia Styles

i just performed the jailbreak on my 3g iphone and really did not have any futher instructions after the quickpwn so i was just stuck until i googled what to do after quickpwn and came up with you guys, right to the point, very easy todo’s and now im so happy my phone has the gucci theme and im running the cycorder thank you so much. i will be joining if i could and also putting my donations in to keep ya’ll poppin, thanks again…

17 03 2009

I downloaded the cycorder and had it installed, but later I uninstalled it to fix something. Now I try to install it and it wont let me, I get all the way to the details part but the install button on the right hand corner is missing. Can you help me?

19 03 2009

Hi Kalani..

Quit your Cydia and restart or reset your iPhone…and launch Cydia and reinstall Cycorder again..

21 03 2009
Cydia Store: Now Opened For Business « iPhone School’s Weblog

[…] any restriction, the app gets buried. And, that’s why you’ll never see iPhone application like “Cycorder” that lets iPhone capture video or applications that lets turns iPhone as 3G […]

4 12 2009

errr is there a cycorder for ipohne 3G and how to install it…???
my iphone is jailbroken…

13 12 2009

hello denis..

this short tutorial also applicable with iphone 3G..goodluck

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