Skin your iPhone using Winterboard Application

18 09 2008


For those who would like to customize iPhone with new icon, wallpapers and themes, here there is the most recommended application available in Cydia. It’s called Winterboard. Your iPhone must already unlocked & jailbroken in order to use WinterBoard. Winterboard on iPhone (like its predecessor Summerboard for iPhone 1.1.4) is an iPhone theme manager that allows you to change any WinterBoard/SummerBoard theme on iPhone. You may also see my post about Vista Mobile Theme, the most recommended theme for iPhone.

To install WinterBoard trough Cydia is very easy, just follow a few step below:

Step 1: Go to “Cydia” and select “sections” on haptic menu




Winterboard Installation

Step2: Select “System” category and select “winterboard”. After installation your iPhone will be restarted automatically.

These are a few themes such as AquaFlivor and Leaf for example.

Aqua Flivor themes

Aqua Flivor themes

Leaf themes

Leaf themes

These second instruction will guide you due to “leaf” theme installation for example.

Step 1: Go to “Cydia” and select “sections” on haptic menu



Step 2: Select “Themes” category and select “Leaf Theme”. Wait for a second

Activate “Leaf Theme” via WinterBoard

Step 3 : Go back to Home screen and launch Winterboard.



Step 4: Tap on the “Leaf” that you just install and click the Home button.

Tap on the Leaf

Tap on the "Leaf"

Step 5: Wait for a few second and let WinterBoard load the “Leaf” theme for you. You’ll then bring back to the locked screen. Unlock it and you’ll see a fresh new look of your iPhone.




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18 09 2008
ict4me » Blog Archive » Apple Logo Sliders for iPhone 2.0 firmware

[…] Here there is several steps how to convert you classic bar slider to new Apple logo sliders. But you have to unlock or jailbreak your iPhone 2.0 firmware . These instruction only valid for iPhone 2.0 firmware. Before your proceed, you have to install Winterboard application first. See instruction here on how to install WinterBoard. […]

18 10 2008

Hi there, I’ve found that WinterBoard slows down the responsiveness of my iPhone – do you experience the same? It’s a shame, b/c I love the themes. Thanks for the informative site. I actually came here for your Air Sharing articles; having been able to get my Windows (Server 2008) box to see the iPhone… 😦

18 10 2008

Hi sherman,

Im not sure what the kind of responsiveness about…but since i using winterboard my phone had experienced same as you..may be it still unstable because too much application that i downloaded from apple store…what i’m trying to do is just restart your iPhone with hold the power off button by the time your winterboard is not working..the best solution is upgrade your iPhone to 2.1 firmware…it’s more stable with a lot of appstore application…

14 12 2008

how can i make my own personal theme on my fone? upload my pics, background, home button, logos n etc?

14 12 2008

Hi Shaggy..

actually a lot of themes available in Cydia..just go to cydia and go to “section” and scroll down it and you can found the “Theme” category under this “section..such as “Themes (battery)”, “Themes (Apps)”, “Themes (keyboard” and etc. you just select what theme your want and install it..after installation complete just activate it via winterboard…if you want to change you logo with you own custom logo you can use LogoMe application available in Cydia..if you want to use you own pics as a background just go to winterboard and mark “user wallpaper” and “user lock background” option.. and then go to setting just select your pics as a wallpaper…

23 02 2009
Snow White: Calculator Theme For WinterBoard « iPhone School’s Weblog

[…] Snow White: Calculator Theme For WinterBoard 23 02 2009 The power of  WinterBoard is that it can skin nearly anything (e.g. icons, lock screen, keyboard) in your iPhone. has released a Calculator-white theme that mods the iPhone Calculator. Your iPhone should be unlocked & jailbroken in order to use WinterBoard. Winterboard on iPhone (like its predecessor Summerboard for iPhone 1.1.4) is an iPhone theme manager that allows you to change any WinterBoard/SummerBoard theme on iPhone. See instruction on  how to install WinterBoard Via Cydia. […]

16 03 2009

Ummm..I can get winterboard but it is not showing up anything. It is just blank.
What am I doing wrong?

19 03 2009

Hi Breona..

Please reinstall your winterboard again…its incomplete installation..

20 03 2009

I had my iphone hacked 2.x and used the instructions on this site to go back to native mode. But I noticed after I did that, a winterboard themed app that had “ghost” icons (for the blackberry theme), that allowed for the top row of the main springboard page to show the big time, were left afterwards. Now I have a factory phone with these “ghost” or invisible icons that won’t go away and when accidently touched take me to My question is, how do I remove these?! Sorry for the post here but could find a way to contact directly and couldn’t find information online. Thanks!

26 03 2009

Winter board dont work it only display a blank
Screen i reinstalt it 2 times but still no result

26 03 2009

winter board dont work if i download a them from cydia and then go to winterboard nothing shows up.
i re instald the winterboard app a few times but stil no result

28 03 2009

I am looking to get winterboard/summerboard ANY board. I’ve got an unlocked jailbroken iphone w/ the cydia app, but there is nothing in systems or anywhere to install or download. Help me so I can play w/ the fun stuff too!!!

13 10 2009
JoJo Jon Jnr

I i saw yer thread
Very interesting
In fact I have been researching for this for yonks is a site i’ll keep bookmarked
Great effort congratulations!

20 10 2009

HI, Your site is really useful.

My Ipod Touch is jailbroken for a long time now, ive been using my installous, but my CYDIA, i thought it was worthless. until i saw your blogs.

Thank YOu So much.

4 08 2011
Delena Lassalle

Hi, I think that your blog is very good. I found it on Yahoo. I will definitely be back.

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