Air Sharing – Transfer files to another PC using iPhone as mobile server

22 09 2008
Air Sharing

Air Sharing

According to my previous post, Air Sharing may convert your iPhone or iPod Touch become as a wireless drive. It’s also works as a mobile hard disk that lets you carry & view documents on-the-go, even when you’re offline. Click here for more details how to sync Air Sharing to your PC.

What i’ve been discovered here is your iPhone may become as mobile server while using Air Sharing application. It’s mean you can transfer and view documents from PC to another PC using internet browser as long as your iPhone stay connect with network (EDGE/WIFI/3G). Also you could download and store documents from PC to another PC using Air Sharing. I’ve been trying it using Mozilla Fire Fox browser and its works very well. See instruction below how to connect Air Sharing using Mozilla Fire Fox browser.

Step 1: Run Mozilla Fire Fox browser and open Air Sharing on iPhone, make sure your iPhone connect to network. You should find a HTTP URL in the status bar at the bottom. This is the iPhone’s URL your internet browser will connect to.

Step 2: Just type the your iPhone’s IP address ( at the address bar on the Mozilla Fire Fox browser. Now you can access all files in your iPhone. If the files still not appear yet, just click “Reload/Refresh” on your internet browser.

8080 on address bar

Type the IP Address = on address bar

Air Sharing files

Air Sharing files

Step 3: You might be view your particular document/file by just click on it. You also could download the particular files by “Save file” via your internet browser.

view & download files

view & download your files

In my opinion, please try all steps above on Safari or other internet browser. Hope it should works very well.




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24 09 2008
Air Sharing - Transfer files from PC & View Document on iPhone over the air « RDSBC’s Weblog

[…] UPDATED: Click here for those who would like access file/documents from PC to another PC using iPhone as a mo… […]

26 09 2008

how do i upload files from pc to iphone? i can’t/ don’t know how to do that

29 09 2008

I have been trying to set up my air share but when I type in any ip address it will not come back as a valid address WHY????? i want to utilize this program I need this program what am i doing wrong ? my phone just says no wi-fi connection available. please someone help me My address is

18 10 2008

I downloaded Air sharing, and I can use my PDF file form My iphone on my comuter (my computer is windows XP). I do not know How can I copy the pdf filed to my iphone . I would apperciate if you reply my question.

18 10 2008

Hi nima,
what you should do is setting up all the web folder in you “My Network Places” in your computer…may be my post here will help you how to connect air sharing to your windows xp…please make sure your iPhone connect to network over WIFI/3G/EDGE during setting up your Air Sharing to your windows xp.Good Luck..

24 02 2011

Hello ik ben steven

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