iSpazio DockFlow for iPhone

2 11 2008

iSpazio DockFlow is a iPhone mod application that available in Cydia. You could get it for free. It changes your dock icons giving them a cover flow look. Its icon looks pretty cool .However, there are a few restrictions with it. You need to have a five icon dock, the icons have to be specific icons in a specific order (Safari, SMS, Phone, Mail and iPod). You cannot use it with other mods such as Stack application. If you are willing to deal with these restrictions is does look awesome. These instruction will guide you on how to install and activate iSpazio Dock Flow.

NOTE: You need to have a Five Icon Dock. Check out my post here for instruction on how to install Five Icon Dock. Also you need to uninstall “Stack” for those who already install it.

Install iSpazio Dock Flow via Cydia

Step 1: Go to Cydia installer. Select “sections” at haptic menu, select “Themes” category and select “iSpazio DockFlow” or you can tap “Search” in Cydia and type “iSpazio DockFlow”. Select “install” button at the right top and confirm it to install.



Step 2: After installation complete, go to normal display by press “home” button. You need to install five icon dock first as i mentioned with the notes above. Then you should put the five icon into dock by drag it with specific orders (Safari, SMS, Phone, Mail and iPod) as screenshot below.

Activate iSpazio DockFlow via Winterboard

Step 3: Its look like your Dock Flow still does not appear in the dock icon. Actually your DockFlow still in the “unactive” condition. To activate your DockFlow, just launch Winterboard and select “DockFlow by Forevermac”. Your WinterBoard will verify with mark symbol.



Step 4: Press “Home” button. Your SpringBoard will restart automatically. Once complete, your iPhone is in the “lock screen” mode. Unlock it and your iPhone shows the awesome DockFlow icon. Enjoy!




2 responses

2 01 2010


Is there any way to fix the counter problem?
In your screenshot the mailcounter is behind the ipod icon, but i think it would be better if the mailcounter is in front of the ipod icon…

Thanks for your answer.

15 12 2010

please tell me that how to add ispazio on the sources on ipod touch please…………………………..

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