Backup Cydia Applications Using AptBackup & AppStore Using iTunes before Upgrade

10 11 2008


Everybody wondered whether we can have our iPhone applications back again, installed via Cydia, backup and restore after iPhone firmware upgrade. Probably you have even more applications on your iPhone via both Cydia and Appstore. As the number of applications installed grows, you may find it more difficult to persuade yourself to upgrade to newer firmware version. You’ll have to re-install all the iPhone applications again or you’ll lose it all. Consider the time and effort to search and install the applications again on iPhone, you’ll probably give up the idea of upgrade.But there are always solutions – iTunes & AptBackup – to backup & restore your iPhone application for firmware upgrade.

Concerning about Apt  Backup application, its only available on Cydia since iPhone 2.0 firmware, its mean there is no backup solution for iPhone 1.1.4 firmware before upgrade.

Backup Cydia-Installed Applications Using AptBackup

AptBackup is an application to backup & restore solution for Cydia installed applications. What AptBackup does is to make a list of Cydia-installed applications, backup the list via iTunes and restore the list back to your iPhone. AptBackup can then refer to the list and install all the applications automatically. Unfortunately its application does not backup your actual apps or apps settings.

Install AptBackup Via Cydia

Just launch Cydia and select “Sections” on haptic menu. And then select “System” category and tap “AptBackup” to install it.



The interface of AptBackup is very simple. You can only find two buttons after launching AptBackup – Backup or Restore. Let say, you’re planning for a iPhone upgrade:

Step 1: You should first click “Backup” to backup the list of Cydia-installed applications.

Step 2: Then sync your iPhone with iTunes to backup the list to your computer.
Step 3: Next, upgrade & jailbreak your iPhone.
Step 4: Once upgraded, install AptBackup via Cydia.
Step 5: Sync your iPhone with iTunes to restore the list of Cydia-installed application.
Step 6: Launch AptBackup and click “Restore” to reinstall all the applications

Backup AppStore-Installed Applications via iTunes

For an application installed through AppStore, you can have them backup by synchronizing iPhone with iTunes. iTunes silently backup your iPhone applications and keep it on your computer. After upgrade, you can then sync them back to iPhone again.




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10 11 2008
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14 02 2009

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20 06 2009

This didn´t work with 3.0 :S

19 02 2010

I am iphone 2G/2.2 user. I want to upgrade my version to 3 or later. Is it possible. Plz help.

22 02 2010


this my tutorial only works for iPhone OS 2.X…it mean it doesn’t work for iPhone OS 3.x..thank you..

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