iPhone OS 2.2 Problems and Fixes

27 11 2008

Since iPhone OS 2.2 has launched, user who have updated to iPhone OS 2.2 facing a few problems and issues as follows:

  • Problems with WiFi Connection
  • Missing applications after the update
  • Unable to apply iPhone OS 2.2 due to failed installation
  • Weak or non-existent signal
  • Cannot Sync to iTunes after the update
  • Third-Party Applications broken
  • Could not connect to internet for iPhone 3G user
  • receive error message that indicating sim card not inserted
  • AppStore become slower response
  • Problem deleting email

User testimonies and suggested fixes are available at iPhoneAtlas.com.

You may leave your comment here and share with us your experienced with iPhone OS 2.2 update




6 responses

6 01 2009
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17 01 2009

Having trouble restoring my unlocked 1.1.4 iphone using QuickPwn. I keep getting “unkown Error 1602” , 1603, and 1604 (on 3 different tries!!!).

I’m using iTunes to the latest version Please help.


17 01 2009

Hi Otomeh..

try download your iPhone firmware again and restart your PC…if still not working try with another PC and run through all procedure and guide again with new PC

15 03 2009


I am getting a message

Pl advise me how to relsove this issue has I have lost all my contact, files etc in it.

15 03 2009

hi maddy..

i dont have any experience about this problem.. i just wan to share to you what i know about this..but my opinion below does not warranty to you iPhone can fix it. what you gonna do is try and error or you can find another sources how to fix it..

-just delete your old backups in iTunes at the edit > prefrences > Devices > delete backup..(your backup was corrupt may due to error while sync or USB disconnected suddenly or your iPhone cannot sync properly because too manu application in your iphone).
-restart your iphone and your PC and sync back your iPhone to iTunes..backup your iPhone again..(if you aware you contact may sync and save at the microsoft Outlook if incase you already sync it with outlook before this problem happens)..you can launch microsoft outlook and see at the contact section..you should have all your contact in there..if you dont have..then you contact lose forever.

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