Brothers In Arms: Troubleshooting & Fixes

8 12 2008

For all to my readers, you may already installed cracked .ipa file for Brother In Arms (BIA) on your iPhone/iPodTouch. After the installation you may had a problem to running BIA. It is because the file size is too big about 82.3MB and your iPhone struggle to launch it. When you tap the BIA icon you iPhone cannot run BIA or crash during launching it.

I received a few comment from my readers and their testimonial as follow:

im having a lot of problem as with this game, i already tried a lot of fixes for this like changing permissions to 755 and changing the documents file for another i downloaded, but still doesnt work, i tried to play in safe mode,and it starts to work but when i touch the button go starts to load and then it says game card has been removed and thats all i cant play 😦

Initial running for BIA had been tested and I had no issues running the cracked .ipa files on my iPhone. Here there is, several solution that i found to fix some kind of a problem above.

First Solution

For those who alraedy installed BIA, you have to uninstall or remove BIA using your iTunes. Then restart your iPhone. Install BIA again by using your iTunes. Restart your PC before install BIA via iTunes and it would be better for you to  use with another PC to install BIA. Once completed, you should to reset your iPhone or iPodTouch by hold down the power/sleep button and the Home button simultaneously for 10-15 second after installation. Once your iPhone or iPodTouch restarted, you can run your BIA normally.

Second Solution

If the tip above does not working, you may try this solution to reset your iPhone/iPodTouch using SBSettings. With this second solution you no need to uninstall or install again your BIA cracked .ipa file. For those who not install SBSettings yet, you should install it first. You can check out my post here on how to install & how to use SBSettings via Cydia. Your iPhone must be in jailbreak condition due to installing SBSettings. You can check out my post here on how to jailbreak your iPhone.

These instruction will guide your on how to reset your iPhone/iPodTouch using SBSettings.

Step 1: After installation completed, your iPhone/IpodTouch should be in “Home Screen” mode. Launch SBSettings by swipe the status bar at the top or tap and hold down your finger with 1-2 seconds. SBSetting will be slides down and displays you with all the available toggles.

Step 2: Now tap on the “Power” button

Step 3: Next tap on the “Safe Mode” button

Step 4: Your iPhone/iPodTouch will now reboot into ‘Safe Mode’. Once it boots up tap on ‘Dismiss’. Now just launch BIA, and the game will now work.

Step 5: Reboot/Restart your iPhone again to normal “Home Screen”. You may need to wait up to 10 seconds after the BIA intro screen appears. Just wait and launch BIA.

You may leave and share your comment here regarding this issue. Enjoy!




11 responses

8 12 2008
Brothers In Arms: Hour Of Heroes « iPhone School’s Weblog

[…] Note: If you had troubleshooting problems launching BIA, you can check out my post here on how to fixes and solution for running BIA. […]

25 12 2008

i found that safe mode is much faster and easier. tho many people are lazy or forget to restart iphone/ipod when they install a new app (i do) it does seem to work most of the time

14 01 2009

Solution 2 worked for me. Good job guys

19 03 2009

plssss help… i have follow yr instruction in 1st & 2nd solution but i still have problems to launch BIA.. i using 2G Iphone with version 2.2, million thks

19 03 2009

Hi Citytowngirl..

remove your BIA using iTunes…restart your PC again, also reset your iPhone…then sync back your BIA to iPhone..its would better you remove half of you other apps and then sync back BIA and install again your previous other apps..then you can proceed my solution above soon after installed BIA.

7 04 2009

The last way worked for me, Ty ! 🙂

1 06 2009

any other solutions

1 06 2009

for ipod touch

1 06 2009

i tried the two solutions afore mentioned and they didnt work

when i touch BIA it starts and Brother In Arms Hour of Heroes comes up and then it goes to my current wallpaper

8 06 2009

Hi Adam..

why not your try this…see details on my post here..

21 07 2009

Broe, why i can’t installed the BIA cracked .ipa from your link, it seem corrupt error, should i re-download the .ipa ? thx

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