How To Change SBSettings Theme

12 12 2008

If you already use SBSettings, you might be boring with default SBSettings appearance and would like  to customize your SBSettings themes with the new themes. Actually a lot of themes available under “Themes (SBSettings)” category in Cydia for you SBSettings customization. You could choose it with your favourite themes under this section.  See my instruction here on how to install SBSettings. For this post, i just want to show you one theme for example of my tutorials. Let say, change you default SBSettings theme with “Apple Mik Theme”. The “Apple Mik Theme”  appearance is quite good and give your the look and feel like Mac UI as screenshot below.

Install “Apple Mik Theme”  Via Cydia

Step 1: Launch Cydia and select “Sections” at haptic menu. Then select “Themes (SBSettings)” category OR you can tap “Search” on haptic menu and type “Apple Mik Theme”.



Step 2: Select “Apple Mik Theme”  for installation.

Step 4: Tap “Install” button at the right top of your screen to install. For the conformation just select “Confirm” button at the right top to. Once complete your iPhone restart automatically.

Activate “Apple Mik Theme” via SBSettings

For your information SBsettings has an own themes manager. Its operation is the same like WinterBoard on iPhone. Thats mean all your operation and customizing only on your SBSettings.

Step 5: Launch your SBSettings by swipe the status bar at the top or tap and hold down your finger with 1-2 seconds. SBSetting will be slides down and displays you with all the available toggles. But its look like your “Apple Mik Theme” still does not appear on your SBSettings.

Step 6: Actually your theme still in the “unactive” condition. To activate it, just select “More” button on your SBSettings and select “Manage Themes”.

Step 7: Then select “Apple Mik” to activate it. Your SBSettings will verify with mark symbol.

Step 8: Press “Home” button, your SpringBorad will be restart automatically and you’ll then bring back to the SpringBoard. You’ll see a fresh new look of your SBSettings once you launch it.




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14 12 2008
SBSettings: Toggles For iPhone Home Screen « iPhone School’s Weblog

[…] SBSettings is only available in Cydia and designed for jailbreak iPhone. Like most applications in Cydia, SBSettings is free and it is compatible with iPhone 2.x. I highly recommend SBSettings if you want to bring toggles to iPhone Home Screen. You may also see on how to change SBSettings theme here. […]

3 09 2010

thanks a lot! this was exactly what i was looking for.

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