Iron Man: Aerial Assault

13 12 2008

Size: 33.0 MB

Seller: Paramount Pictures

Latest version: 1.0

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and requires at least iPhone 2.2 Software Update. Its available at App Store for $7.99 only. Iron Man: Aerial Assault  is an action-packed airborne shooter where the player uses the high-powered weaponry of Tony Stark’s armored suit to battle IRON MAN’S most dangerous enemies.


-The latest technology: IRON MAN: AERIAL ASSAULT pushes the iPhone and iPod Touch’s accelerometer and touch functions to new levels of game-play.

-High Altitude Battles: Engage a variety of menacing enemies in mid-flight through a series of melee combat quick-time events. Battle through 12 levels as you gain precision flying and shooting skills.

-Explosive State-of-the-Art Weapons: Including repulsor blasts, lasers, missiles and IRON MAN’S distinctive Unibeam. Arsenal buttons fire weapons with the touch of a thumb.

You can download here via iTunes link or download cracked .ipa file here, here also here




One response

10 05 2009

is it possible to re-upload this game please?

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