Transfer Files Between iPhone And Computer Using DiskAid

19 12 2008

DiskAid is a freeware that lets you transfer files between iPhone / iPod Touch and computer and enables your iPhone as USB thumb drive or external HardDisk. Its size about 0.9MB and come with new version DiskAid 2.11 for PC Windows XP SP2/Vista. Also compatible with Mac Os X 10.4 or higher, PPC/Intel with new version DiskAid 2.0. It supports iPhone 2G & 3G with firmware 1.1.1 to 2.2.

In this case, DiskAid will be the right tool for you. DiskAid provides an intuitive user interface (Interface same as file explorer) and lets you transfer files with USB connection. Just connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable and launch DiskAid. DiskAid automatically detects the iPhone and show you the files on iPhone.

DiskAid comes with three types of main acces selections which locate the left bottom: DiskAid, media and root folder. DiskAid folder is for you to put any files (e.g. document, excel, powerpoint) to carry on-the-go. When select media folder, DiskAid shows to the image folder of iPhone. You can copy photos in camera roll, videos and songs in ipod directly to computer and etc. You may also create your own folder to tranfser your files and documents with various format such as pdf, doc, excel, word, video files with MP4 and MP3 songs into media folder. You may not need to access the root folder normally unless you need to hack some of the iPhone settings.

DiskAid is free to download. You can download it directly from here.

Note: For incoming new post, i will release the new article about how to use DiskAid to transfer file between iPhone and Cydia Apps such as how to transfer downloaded YouTube file from MxTube to PC. Stay tuned…

Updated: See the details on how to transfer photo to PC (Transfer Files Vol.1)

Updated: See the details on how to transfer Screenshot picture to PC (Transfer Files Vol.2)

Updated: See the details Transfer Files Volume 3

Updated: See the details Transfer Files Volume 4



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16 01 2009
How To Transfer Photo To PC (Transfer Files Vol.1) « iPhone School’s Weblog

[…] Actually all photos in your camera roll can be transfer and save it  to PC using DiskAid. DiskAid is a freeware that lets you transfer files between iPhone / iPod Touch and PC. With DiskAid you can manually select  all or one by one of your favorite photos by copying and transfer it to PC without using iTunes. See more details about DiskAid and download it here. […]

17 01 2009

How about ‘How to backup/restore backups from Chronus to/from your computer’ ?

This method should work, just need to know that the backup location is

I have explained this many times through email, but if you can write a short tutorial on this, I’ll link it to this site.

Chronus Dev

17 01 2009

thanks for your support and suggestion..i’ll be released this post soon regarding backup and restore for chronus using diskAid..

10 07 2009

Thanks for this article!

I am using CopyTrans to get songs off of my brand new iPhone 3GS.

16 01 2010

currently i am running a jailbroken i phone white using cydia i downloaded a file that is not letting me run cydia properly and I cannot wait the 2 weeks until it is fixed to run a new theme. I stumbled upon a site that said i can transfer this theme to my iphone using diskaid but i am not computer savy enough to make this happen any help would be great

5 06 2011
Transfer iPod to PC

With regards to back up, I currently using iPodRip to backup and transfer my files from my iPhone4 to computer. I can also transfer Podcast and TV shows from iPod to computer even without iTunes. This works well for me.

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