23 12 2008

-50% Off sale (Limited offer only)

Category: Productivity

Size: 0.6 MB

Seller: Proximi, Inc.

version: 1.0

MagicPad for iPhone, which once drew a lot of attention due to its copy & paste feature, is now on promotion to celebrate holiday season. Originally sold at USD$3.99, MagicPad is now available download at iPhone App Store.

While we are waiting for Apple to implement a system-wide copy & paste feature, MagicPad brings us copy & paste feature while writing note (but only work within MagicPad itself). Even copy & paste feature may not be what you’re looking for, MagicPad is still a very good replacement of the original Note application. It provides a rich-text editor that allows you to change font size, type or highlight your text with different colors.

To highlight text for copy & paste, you can just double tap and hold on any part of the word where you’d like to begin the selection. Then drag your finger until the end of the selection. Afterwards, you can just copy or cut the selection and paste it somewhere else. Copy & paste works pretty well within MagicPad. But for starter, you may need to take a few trial to get used to text highlight. The video will better show you how it works.

– Copy, Cut & Paste: easily move text within a note or to a brand new note

– Rich-Text Editing: customize text with 6 different fonts, 5 sizes, 8 colors, and 4 effects

– Email: send your rich-text creations to yourself or share with friends

New in this version * Email enhancements:

– CAPTCHA removed
– Ability to send email through iPhone Mail App
– Ability to send plain-text emails
* Ability for users to sort notes by:
– Date Modified
– By Title
– Manually
– Ascending or descending view
* Users can now set default text attributes
* Swipe delete action added for notes
* Ability to edit/delete several notes at once
* UI improvements
* Bug fixes

You can download here via iTunes link or download cracked .ipa file here.

MagicPad bring cut/copy and paste on your iPhone




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