How To Transfer Video (Cycorder) Files To PC (Transfer Files Vol.3)

29 01 2009

This is volume 3 of the Transfer Files series. In my previous post, i was covered how to transfer files to PC for volume 1 and volume 2. For jailbroken iPhone user, i’m very sure that you are already use the cool application for iPhone called Cycorder. For beginner iPhone jailbreak user, Cycorder is one of great tools to turn your iPhone camera into video for free. You can check out my post here for Cycorder installation.

You may consider to save the video files into PC after made several video due to insufficient memory space in your iphone hard disk. The easy way to that is using Disk Aid. DiskAid is a freeware that lets you transfer files between iPhone / iPod Touch and PC. With DiskAid you can manually select  all or one by one of your favorite video by copying and transfer it to PC without using iTunes. See more details about DiskAid and download it here.

Make sure your are at “Media Folder”, you can check it out by select it at the bottom left of your DiskAid window. Click at “Videos” folder, for your information all video files in Cycorder have been save in the “Videos” folder, next time you just select this folder when you like to access all your video files in the future. Select “Videos” folder and all  video files information will appear on your right side bar.

Right Click one of the video files that you would like to transfer and select “copy to folder” and save it to folder where you created before. Alternatively, you also can transfer or copy file by clicking “Copy to Folder” icon at the top of the DiskAid window.

You may also can copy folder to PC. Just select “Media” folder. Right click on “Videos” and select “copy to folder” and save it to your preferences folder in PC. This method is suitable for those who would like to transfer large amount of video files to PC.


iPhone Firmware 2.2.1 Released..

29 01 2009

Apple has released firmware 2.2.1 for iPhone with minor bug fixes and improvements. The upgrade is now available for download via iTunes. In brief, this update includes:

  • Improved general stability of Safari
  • Fixed issue where some images saved from Mail do not display correctly in the Camera Roll

For user with jailbroken or unlocked iPhone, please do not upgrade to this firmware version yet. Even iTunes prompts you for the upgrade, just cancel it. This new firmware update will break the unlock of iPhone 3G using yellowsn0w as warned by iPhone Dev Team. Also, for iPhone 2G user, I suggest you to hold the upgrade until we got more updates from the developers of QuickPwn & PwnageTool.

Anyway, this is not a big firmware update. If you’re already on firmware 2.2, just stay with it. And, for those who’re planning to upgrade the firmware version, you can consider to upgrade to firmware 2.2 and jailbreak it using QuickPwn.

Bluetooth File Transfer Coming to the iPhone Soon

27 01 2009

The Bluetooth file transfer application will only be available through the cydia distribution framework for jailbroken iPhones. The tool appears to be based on the work of the BlueSn0w project, which theoretically allows developers to write/implement fully functional Bluetooth stacks that run on your iPhone, thus opening the door for not only file transfers, but also use of  Bluetooth keyboards/mice, syncing with host computers and other mobile devices, and more robust support for pairing with third-party Bluetooth devices.

A video, embedded below, of the transfer tool shows files being moved from a Mac to the iPhone, and subsequently from the iPhone to a Sony Ericsson phone:

Read more here about file transfer over bluetooth


26 01 2009

Price: $1.99

Size: 10.2 MB

Latest version: 0.1.0

iSniper is the most realistic sniper game your are looking for. The story begins when a group of terrorists broke into MASQ Corp. HQ and hold hostages. Your squad, the best anti-terrorist unit in the world, is called to take control of this emergency situation. Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and requires at least iPhone 2.0 Software Update.

You can download via iTunes link or download cracked .ipa file here.

JailBird-WinPwn Replacement Will Come Soon

23 01 2009

The development of  WinPwn seems come to a halt after the beta release of WinPwn 2.5. Presently, to jailbreak and unlock iPhone on Windows, QuickPwn from iPhone Dev Team is the only solution. Soon, you’ll see “Jailbird“, a WinPwn replacement to be released as an alternative jailbreak solution.

Unlike QuickPwn, Jailbird lets you create a custom IPSW and change the partition size. Jailbird is the first jailbreak application on Windows that works like PwnageTool on Mac and will support firmware 2.0 to 2.2. As of today, we only have a glimpse of the screenshot. But Jailbird will soon recruit beta testers.

Archive Gmail On iPhone

23 01 2009

If you’re an archive junkie and use iPhone’s email application for checking Gmail, this Gmail tip for iPhone, recently published by Google Gmail team, will be greatly useful for you.

By default, when you delete a email in iPhone mail application, the email message will be moved to the Trash folder. You probably like this way of email handling. But, for some users, they may prefer to archive the messages to a specific folder when they delete them. Definitely, you can do it by using the “Move to folder” button and archive the email. However, we always look for a faster way or shortcut to handle that.

Google Gmail team has published a great tip that you can change the function of “Trash Folder” button. By re-configuring the Gmail account on iPhone, you can turn the “Trash” icon into an archive button. Later, when you trash the email, it won’t get removed but archived and you can read/search it anytime you want.

To apply this tip, you’ll have to setup the Gmail account on iPhone again. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar. Locate your Gmail account, tap on it and then click “Delete account”. Then follow this video to configure the Gmail account again.

This tip is not for everyone. If you’re comfortable with the Trash function of iPhone, just leave it as it is. And just bookmark this tip and apply it when you need it some time in future.

QuickPwn: Troubleshooting and Fixes

17 01 2009

Some users stuck at Jailbreak process while using QuickPwn. Users reported QuickPwn hanged at “Wait for your iPhone to connect in Recovery Mode” during jailbreak process.

After made several searching and studies base on the iPhone jailbreak issues, the “hang” issue is particularly related to the unavailability of some Windows services. Those Windows services are supposed to be turned on during jailbreak process. But for whatever reason, those required services are switched off (both intentionally or unintentionally). To resolve the “hang” issue, you have to just start those Windows Services before launching QuickPwn. Here the possible solutions for both WinXP and Vista:

Windows XP:

If you’re using QuickPwn on Win XP, please ensure the following Windows Service are started before jailbreak:

  • Messenger
  • Telnet
  • Terminal

To enable these services, you can launch “Control Panel” -> “Administrative Tools” -> “Services”. Then enable the above services if they’re not started.


Before launching QuickPwn and perform jailbreak on Vista, please ensure the following Windows Service are started:

  • Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
  • Terminal Services

To enable these services, you can launch “Control Panel” -> “Administrative Tools” -> “Services”. Then enable the above services if they’re not started.

Jailbreak again…

After you complete the above changes, try to perform jailbreak again using QuickPwn.

If the above still doesn’t work, try to install .NET framework v3.5 and run QuickPwn again. You can download it here.