How the iPhone Touch Screen Works

4 01 2009

Do you realize that you can’t use stylus on iPhone screen to open application?. Actually its works only if touch it with you fingertip. According to Howstuffworks, the operational of  iPhone touch screen is based on the electric current changes of monitor on the screen. iPhone’s screen material has made with several layer which is includes capacitve material. The capacitor are arrange by coordinates system formation, so it gives the circuitry system can sense changes at each point along the grid. In other hand, when you touch with one or two finger, the grid will generate signal and determine with one or two point simultaneously.

Picture above present by Howstuffworks quoted that iphone's touch-sensitive has built in with layer of capacitive material

These article from Howstuffworks its very cool and i would like to share to all my readers. You may see the details at the Howstuffworks for full explanation. What can i conclude here, the operation for multi-touch system of the iPhone is based on the electrical impulse, that’s why the iPhone screen is highly responsive while you touch it for open or closed application even when view and pinch for photo zooming.

Picture above present by Howstuffworks qouted the entire operation of how the iphone works




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