How To View Your iPhone Storage Information

6 01 2009

You might be want to know how many the percentage of application/program installed and stored in your iPhone OS hardisk. If you realize, the storage information now available in Cydia with complete and detail pie chart. To view it, you just tap on Cydia icon > Manage > Storage



The information as in the “Storage” separate with two part, with small partition shows 500M storage its called “system storage” which is including programs related with libraries and root system. The second part is related with your iPhone general storage followed by 4GB, 8GB and 16GB depends on your built in iPhone HDD size. These including the detail information about how many(percentage) application that you installed it from Cydia’s open sources and also application from App Store and iTunes. But you only can view this storage information while your have internet connection. Check out my post here how to use Cydia.

Alternatively, you can still view the storage information when you’re offline using SBSetting. But SBSettings just gives simple information instead the storage info aboved. When you’re have internet connection, its display wifi iP address, HDD info and availble memory. Then when you’re don’t have internet connection, its only shows your info about HDD free and available memory. Check out my post here on how to install SBSettings and how to use it.




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