QuickPwn: Troubleshooting and Fixes

17 01 2009

Some users stuck at Jailbreak process while using QuickPwn. Users reported QuickPwn hanged at “Wait for your iPhone to connect in Recovery Mode” during jailbreak process.

After made several searching and studies base on the iPhone jailbreak issues, the “hang” issue is particularly related to the unavailability of some Windows services. Those Windows services are supposed to be turned on during jailbreak process. But for whatever reason, those required services are switched off (both intentionally or unintentionally). To resolve the “hang” issue, you have to just start those Windows Services before launching QuickPwn. Here the possible solutions for both WinXP and Vista:

Windows XP:

If you’re using QuickPwn on Win XP, please ensure the following Windows Service are started before jailbreak:

  • Messenger
  • Telnet
  • Terminal

To enable these services, you can launch “Control Panel” -> “Administrative Tools” -> “Services”. Then enable the above services if they’re not started.


Before launching QuickPwn and perform jailbreak on Vista, please ensure the following Windows Service are started:

  • Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
  • Terminal Services

To enable these services, you can launch “Control Panel” -> “Administrative Tools” -> “Services”. Then enable the above services if they’re not started.

Jailbreak again…

After you complete the above changes, try to perform jailbreak again using QuickPwn.

If the above still doesn’t work, try to install .NET framework v3.5 and run QuickPwn again. You can download it here.




47 responses

22 01 2009

Thanks you for the solution!! ^^

25 01 2009

i keep getting stuck on pinapple can anyone help?

25 01 2009

try to jailbreak again using another PC..you don’t need to restore firmware again..but just launch QuickPwn and jailbreak it with another PC

10 02 2009
a kid with ipod problems

after jail breaking, my ipod is stuck in a kinda of half turned on and a half turned off mode. it has a black screen with the white apple logo. it wont sync into itunes because it is locked with a passcode, and it wont fully turn on.

10 02 2009
a kid with ipod problems

more information on ipod activity, when connected to computer, constantly turns on and off by it self.

11 02 2009

Dude, you RULE!!! I searched all over and NOONE figured it out!!!

Thanks a million!

14 02 2009
Toney Clayton

I had my phone jailbroken and had uploaded too many apps without checking to see what affect they had on my iphone 3g and the phone finally locked up and I had to restore. Now I am using a different laptop with WinXP and for some reason, when I downloaded the ipsw file, and extracted files, I had inadvertantly looked too far in the file and now everytime that I go to browse during Quickpwn, it will not just accept the file needed but CONTINUES to look further into the file! Even before this problem, I would use Quickpwn and it would LOCK UP when verifying the ipsw file. I NEVER got a blue arrow to proceed. I need help bad.

15 02 2009

Hi Tony Clayton..

You have to rejailbreak your iPhone 3g again using QuickPwn..you may checkout my full guide on how to jailbreak iPhone 3g for 2.2 firmware..if you still have problem, try use another laptop to restore 2.2 firmware (Step 1-Step 6) and use another laptop to jailbreak while using Quickpwn (Step 7-Step 14)..

If your iPhone 3g still in locked mode…you can unlocked it using YellowSnow..checkout my post here..please remember, in order to unlock using Yellosn0w..you iphone 3g must in iPhone 2.2 firmware update..

30 04 2009

I can’t open the quickpwn download to start the process, it keeps giving me an error message, what do i do?

1 05 2009

Hi mojomadness12..

uninstall QuickPwn first..then install the latest Microsoft .Net Framework..next install and run QuickPwn again. good luck

20 02 2009
Guide to Unlock & Jailbreak iPhone 2G for firmware 2.1 using QuickPwn (For Windows) « iPhone School’s Weblog

[…] Note: If you have problem and troubleshooting during  jailbreak using QuickPwn. You may see the details here about fixes and solution. […]

2 03 2009
Jay C

hey can somebody help. i did all the QuickPwn process but at the end when everything its done. when the pineapple shows up ok after its says that there is a error with the bootload 3.9 it wasnt found so it wont read the tmobile sim card. well it wourld read it but i cant make and receive any calls. i will appreciate thanks!!!!!!!!!!

4 03 2009

hi Jay C..

There is a lot of people facing problem same as you…as for know i still does not have which the best solution for Tmobile sim card problem..but regarding to my experienced..You could do this:

-if you have sim PIN on your sim card, please remove the sim PIN before restore iphone 2.2 firmware using iTunes..and your proceed to jailbreak
-If still not working, try to pull out your sim card.. and restore iphone 2.2 firmware using iTunes and proceed to jailbreak..
-If still not working, try to restore iphone 2.2 firmware using iTunes with another PC (with Sim card) and jailbreak using QuickPwn with another PC again..
-If still not working, try to restore iphone 2.2 firmware using iTunes with another PC (without Sim card) and jailbreak using QuickPwn with another PC again..

my post here may could help you with link attached on it..

14 03 2009

I have followed the steps stated in your blog and it all went smoothly. Thank you so much. Now my iphone have a 2.2.1 firmware, but i cannot connect to wifi. could you please help me out

15 03 2009

Hi Kishore..

you can check out my post about wifi troubleshooting and fixes here.

24 03 2009

dude. i tried to install 2.2.1 but my current firmware was 2.0. when i downlaoding it via itunes. its stock! and showing n my lcd is itunes logo ang a usb thing… also the slider comes wit slide for emergency. what should i do. im runnin out of ideas. pls help.. 😦

26 03 2009

Hi dale..

assuming that your iTunes completely restore firmware 2.2.1 and now your iphone under locked condition…your can follow my guide here on how to unlock iphone 2G for 2.2.1 firmware…you may start with step 7…but dont forget to download QuickPwn 2.2.5, both Bootloader and iPhone 2.2.1 firmware at step 2..

1 04 2009

hey there, i have iphone 3g with 2.2.1 firmware…isit possible to follow all the steps give by you to unlock the phone? or do i need to downgrade my iphone 3g to 2.2 first??

1 04 2009

Hi Tom..

There is no solution to unlock iPhone 3G with 2.2.1 firmware so far, you just can jailbreak it…if you insist to use 2.2.1 with unlock condition you have to create custom 2.2.1 ipsw firmware using PawnageTool..you may read carefully my post here…please read my important note or statement..

9 04 2009

I have unlocked my iphone 2G 2.2.1 using quick pawn, i have installed cydia, installer, and I also choose unlock phone, after it shows successfully done, when I try putting another type of sim card it says sim not supported, what do you think the problem is do I have to do anything else after that, like download anything from cydia or…


11 04 2009

Hi Navid..

If you still had same problem like “Different Sim Card Detected” by iTunes after unlock & Jailbreak process..seems your iPhone is not unlocked yet. Pull out your SIM and go to Cydia. Download Bootneuter and launch it after installation. Choose the following settings in Bootneuter:

Bootloader version 3.9/4.6 (use default)
neuter = on
fakeblank = off
unlock = on

Flash it to unlock your iPhone..
hopefully its working…


Put in your “new simcard” and launch BootNeuter form Cydia..

11 04 2009

I had Iphone 2g 8gb with 2.2 version……. i jailed breaked it before.. thnx for ur lovely softwares…

today i updated it with 2.2.1(unfortunately) then i tries to jail break it with ur given new softwares… but it was not successful …showing error as..SIM CARD NOT DETECTED…

then again i RESTORED my phones software with ur technique( SHIFT+ restore) to 2.2 version from Itunes…

Now i tried to do the process of jailbreaking again as i did the very first time for 2.2… BUT
after that it is showing the same error when i insert my own SIM…

pltz help..ASAP

16 04 2009

Hi guys, I have just managed to annoyingly upgrade my previously unlocked 2g to 2.2.1. I have followed every instruction I have found online for unlocking using quickpwn225-2 but every time I have the asame end result, i always face the ‘different SIM detected’ on my phone.

I am being completely stupid in doing something I shouldn’t or is actauly F*****?

Any help greatly appreciated!!

19 04 2009

Do you have any suggestions if all the above steps have been tried, and it’s still locked with QuickPwn saying “The Pwnage process appears to have completed successfully. Please wait for your device to reboot in its newly modified state.”, and my phone still is stuck with the little partially eaten pineapple logo? It’ll buzz twice periodically, or the screen will go black and then return as though it’s restarting or something, but that’s all. I’m using an XP.

Thanks for your help.

Btw, I’m not trying to unlock my phone, just jailbreak it.

20 04 2009

Nevermind, I figured it out.

18 05 2009

Hi Mitch,
I am having the same behaviour as you mention with my 2g after I have given the jailbreak and he unlock option. Can you please let us know what exactly you did to get around the issue?

Thank you very much.

24 04 2009

Hey Mitch,
I have the very same problem that you had……. ;-(
How did you solve that problem with that rebooting again and again? Did you use another QuickPwn, or how did you manage the goddamned thing?

24 04 2009

I followed the guide.
However, when i use QuickPwn and look up the firmware it gives a firmware error string for 2.2.1?

Anyone knows how to avoid this?

7 05 2009

Hi rdbsc,
I have an unusual problem: My iphone 2G with firmware 2.2.1 worked fine for 4 days after I followed your instructions to unlock and jailbreak, and then it locked itself again. My itunes version is also up to date and I used Windows XP.
Did this happen to anyone else and do you know what is the reason/how it can be fixed? Could it be a fault in the phone? Thanks

7 05 2009
mai le

hey, after I jailbreaked it, the sceen turn back with an the apple logo. what should I do now?

10 05 2009


im using 2g iphone.. i follow all da steps…
nicely done.. work fine.. but i cant sync my iphone with itunes.. its pop up saying got sum probs wit my iphone n suggest me restore again.. at my iphone page in itunes.. it only have da summary.. with version 2.2.1 succesfully upgraded… but at da size.. N/A…

what should i do??… help me plz…

19 05 2009

hey, after I jailbreaked it, the sceen turn back with an the apple logo. what should I do now?

19 05 2009

I need one help…
After updating to firmare 2.2.1, I tried jailbreaked with the procedure u specified and after that I am not able to boot my iphone, it showing sceen turn back with an the apple logo. Even itunes is also not able to identify it.
Please help me…

22 05 2009

Hi Ashish…

it seems your iPhone is not unlocked nor jailbreak. make sure the Step 11 – Step 14 works properly. The most important instruction is in the step 12..timing is very important when you press power or home button..I suggest you to follow this guide and run through the procedures again…

– Try use another PC to restore Firmware
-try to download the ipsw for iPhone firmware 2.2.1 again.

22 05 2009

When I click on the pineapple icon I get an error that says “The application failed o initialze properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application’

What is one to do.

22 05 2009

Hi Flygy…

uninstall QuickPwn first..then install the latest Microsoft .Net framework here..next install and run QuickPwn again

24 05 2009


I made JB with QuickPwn on Windows, and everything passed fine.
But, when I want to install anything from Cydia the error occurs:
1 Half-Installed Pakage
subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1
And after that window closes, I get this:
1 Half-Installed Pakage
When the shell scripts associated with packages fail, they are left in a bad state known as either half-configured or half-installed. These errors don’t go away and instead continue to cause issues. These scripts can be deleted and the pacages forcibly removed.

And than I choose to remove remaining parts, or ignore them (remove them later).

Installing from Installer works fine, but Cydia has games 😀
So, do you know what should I do?
I have tried JB few more times- but it’s always the same…

Thank you, and sorry for my English. 🙂

24 05 2009

HI jon313..

what di you mean on this “But, when I want to install anything from Cydia the error occurs” what kind of installer do you installed…im not quite sure what is your problem about…but this may could help you….just go to Cydia and install “mobile substrates”…

24 05 2009

Well, I can’t install anything from Cydia.
When I try to install any application (from Cydia) the error I copied in the previous comment occurs.

But I can install everything from Installer, without a problem.

So, I can’t install neither “mobile substrates”- because I get the same error.

25 05 2009
Guide to Unlock & Jailbreak iPhone 2.2 (2G) using QuickPwn (Windows) « iPhone School’s Weblog

[…] Note: If you have problem and troubleshooting during  jailbreak using QuickPwn. You may see the details here about fixes and solution. […]

29 05 2009
Cannot see downloading jailbroken data screen

Cannot get this screen after initially seeing it… delt with the “hang” issue at that time which hopefully I eventually fixed but after going through all the steps again I cannot get my Iphone 2g to show this screen again. Installed .NET framework aswell… any suggestions?

1 06 2009

I tried to download Quickpwn 2.2.1. I have a 1st gerneration ipod touch. it downloaded but everytime i click “run”. it says that they have encountered a problem. it ask me to send an error report, i kept trying an nothing. its like it wont run at all. did i do somthing wrong?

2 06 2009
impala ss

a guy with his hands in the air isstuck on my screen…. help?

16 06 2009

Hey.. Im still having the hang problem. I went into the Windows Services area to turn everything on but telnet wasn’t there. The other two are turned on and running, and even the rpc’s are running, but im still stuck waiting for the ipod to connect. I also installed the framework you suggested, and restarted both the computer and iPod. Any other suggestions?

16 06 2009

Iphone 3G 2.2.1
Quickpwn 2.2.5-2
stuck at <>

even after waiting for 30mins (still not on recovery mode)

26 06 2009

i’ve done all the steps but it still hangs in between the recovery mode.

5 07 2009

ok i have tried your fix for it not unlocking after the process and bootneuter freezes everytime i open any fixes for that because i would really like to unlock it

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