WebEX: Join Meeting From Anywhere Via iPhone

9 02 2009

As an regular user of  WebEx, a web conferencing application for enterprise, I’m always awaiting an iPhone version of  WebEx. Earlier this week, Cisco finally released WebEx for iPhone that allows you to do meetings using iPhone. So, as long as you got 3G connection or WiFi, you can join meeting from anywhere.

The iPhone version of  WebEx comes with nearly all features that are available on web version:

  • Attend web meeting in full screen mode with integrated audio
  • View shared content including document (e.g. powerpoint), applications or screen sharing from any computer
  • Initiate an individual or group chat with other attendees
  • Control audio with mute/unmute capabilities
  • See who’s in meeting with icons indicated how they joined (from computer or mobile)

Of course, Cisco won’t forget the landscape orientation of iPhone. In addition to the normal portrait view, WebEx also takes advantage of landscape orientation for better screen view.

Doc and Meeting Sharing

It’s pretty easy to join a meeting on iPhone. Just tap on an iPhone link in your meeting invitation email, you can then join the WebEx meeting on iPhone.

WebEx also supports iPhone 2G.  However, you can’t enjoy the simultaneous data and audio transfer, for which you can do it on WiFi or 3G. You can either accept audio-only (teleconference) or data only (view content but no audio on the iPhone).

I’m quite impressed by this iPhone application. I still do not have a chance to join a WebEx conference on iPhone (which I really want do). But the video will show you how WebEx for iPhone can let you join meeting from anywhere and anytime.

WebEx is now available on App Store for free download. You can download it using iTunes link here.




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