SnaptureFlash: Flash Light For iPhone

14 02 2009

snaptureflash1Snapture, the developer of an alternate iPhone Camera application, is going to release a flash night for iPhone. While you can easily find other camera phones, especially those from Sony Ericsson, equipped with flash light, iPhone or iPhone 3G lacks a built-in flash light. Snapture may be a solution for you if you used to take shots at night or low-light condition.

Ergonomically, SnaptureFlash is just like external iPhone but packs with a Xenon flash night. It can produces an instantaneous flash which is 100 times brighter than any conventional LED flash accessories. Based on the specification and sample photos, SnaptureFlash solution looks really promising. The case is not too thick and also light in weight. The case itself also adds a passive speaker amplifier. That’s pretty interested and probably the designer don’t want to waste extra space of the case.

On the software side, SnaptureFlash is currently only support its only camera application – Snapture. You can’t use iPhone’s built-in camera application nor other camera application you download from App Store. However, SnaptureFlash developers are working hard to extend the support its flash solution to other camera applications. Cycorder, the video recording application, may be one of the applications that provides SnaptureFlash support in upcoming version.

Gizomodo got an opportunity to try out the SnaptureFlash product and released its first-hand experience. You can check out here for more details. Or you can check out the official website of SnaptureFlash here.




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