Concept Video: Arrange iPhone Apps Using iTunes

27 02 2009

How many pages of iPhone apps do you have? With nine pages of application on my iPhone, it’s painful for me to arrange application icon from page 9 to page 1. An iPhone user, who shares the same frustration, has published a concept video that utilizes iTunes to arrange iPhone applications on iPhone.

The video is a concept only and there is no sign for any implementation. But it looks really impressive and is one of the approaches to solve the issue.

In my opinion, I’m waiting for a complete solution on iPhone only instead of using iTunes as the controller to arrange the iPhone application. I’d like to easily send an application icon from page 9 to say, page 2. Let’s wait and see how Apple’s engineer solve this user experience problem.




3 responses

23 05 2009

i think this is such a great idea if only i could move my apps like that now

25 07 2009

This would be awesome in implemented.

28 07 2009

Yes please!! Well overdue..

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