Google Book Search For iPhone

4 03 2009

google_book_search_logoWouldn’t be great to read free book on iPhone? Now, over 1.5 million public domain books in the US (and over half a million outside the US) are now available for iPhone access. The Google Book Search is now optimized for iPhone’s Safari browser, so you can read them anytime and anywhere.

To try out, point your iPhone to and you’ll be brought to Google Book Search application for iPhone. The interface of the application is intuitive and the performance is pretty fast. You can search books by titles, authors or subjects. Or you can just browse by different book categories including business & economics, classics, drama, travel, etc.



Once you select a book to read, the application will automatically put your book into a “My books” section, that you can easily access it next time. One drawback of the application is the book are pretty dated. Don’t expect you can find up-to-date book that you see in bookstore. Anyway, it’s great to see Google put more efforts on iPhone and bring 1.5 million electronic books to iPhone. Probably, in near future, we may be able to buy eBooks and see more up-to-date eBook on Google Book Search.

For more information about the release of Google Book Search for mobile, you can check out Google Book Search Blog.




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