iBluetooth – Transfer Photos between iPhones via Bluetooth

21 03 2009

I have used iBluetooth for nearly one week. As the first bluetooth solution for iPhone, my experience with iBluetooth is so far, so good. Admitted, it’s quite buggy. But, other than the stability issues, iBluetooth does what it advertised and allows iPhone to transfer files with other bluetooth devices.You may see the preview here.

Before I wrap up a complete review on iBluetooth, I put up a video that shows you how to use iBluetooth to send photos between two iPhones (via Bluetooth, of course). You can see from the video that iBluetooth lets you select image from photo album automatically detect Bluetooth devices and send photo to another iPhone.

Also i’m tried transfer video file from Mac to my iPhone, and transferring process quite good without any problem. But the problem is, the video file is not save in my iPod in iPhone as i expected. I have to browse in order to searching this video file using finder application or using file system in the iBluetooth application. This things is too annoying,  I hope the developer fix this problem soon.

In the video, you’ll also see iBluetooth is not very stable. After sending the second photo, iBluetooth quits abnormally. Enjoy the video.




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9 06 2009
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