QuadCamera-Multi Shot Cam

21 03 2009

quadiconCategory: Photography

Price: $1.99

Size: 1.5 MB

Latest version: 1.90

Taking pictures of running cars, watching sports, adorable behaviours of your pets or to wam up the party.This is a cool camera application that you can apply for any moments. Just pressing a button, it proceeds to take 4-8 serial shoots and create one image. The popping sound of the shutter gives you a great feeling.

Main functions
– 4 or 8 serial shoots.
– Set 0.25-3 seconds serial shoot duration.
– Color mode or 2 color mode of black and white.
– various layout variation: 2×2, 4×1, 4×2, 8×1.
– Resolution 800*600*.



Note: When taking a picture with lengthwise 2×2 layout, it may be displayed out of the center focus due to the bug of iPhone OS 2.2. However, the picture is saved normally and it is shown correctly on PC. If you want to avoid this problem, we recommend you to set 4×2 layout as the main shooting.

Compatible with iPhone and minimum requires is iPhone 2.1 software update. You can purchase via iTunes link or download .ipa file code via this link:


You may also see my post on how to install cracked .ipa file on iPhone.




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