Spotlight & Voice Memo For iPhone OS 3.0

29 03 2009

Last time, we have checked out the great feature of iPhone 3.0 – Cut, Copy & Paste. Today, let’s take a look at two other fantastic new features: Spotlight and Voice Memo.


So, what’s Spotlight? If you’re from Mac background, you’d heard of it. Spotlight offers system-wide search for iPhone that you can simply type in a keyword and it’ll show you all related items, including email, calendar event, contacts, notes, SMS, etc. Apple has designed to put Spotlight to the very left of home screen. So, at the home screen, simply flick your finger to the right to bring up Spotlight.


To see Spotlight search in action, check out this video and see Apple’s executive to show you how it works:

Voice Memo

Voice memo allows you to easily record any sound as a voice memo and share it with your friends or others via MMS or email. The Voice memo interface is simple and intuitive. Simply tap the record button to start recording and tap the stop button when you complete. Voice Memo also lets you trim the voice recording.





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6 04 2009
All About Apple iPhones

That was good articles today on Apple iPhones

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