Dictionary.com Is Available On iPhone For Free

18 04 2009

If you need to look up the definition of a word, you can go up to dictionary.com. Simply type in the word and it’ll show  the definition and references. Dictionary.com, as its name suggests, is multi-source dictionary search service that helps you search for the reference of a word in multiple dictionaries. It’s a free service that probably you’re already enjoying it. Dictionary.com launched its iPhone App and made it free for download via App Store. That’s really cool. Now, you can always carry a free & lightweight dictionary, that bundles 275,000 definitions and 80,000 synonyms, on-the-go.

To use the Dictionary.com app, it is simple and straightforward. You can just type in the word in the search box and tap “search” button to look up the word definition. Don’t worry if you do not know the exact spelling. The dictionary app offers word suggestions as you type along. This free application also features thesaurus, that lets you search for synonyms, and its popular Word Of the Day service.

What’s more is it provides audio pronunciation via its huge Dictionary database. Simply tap on the “speaker” icon right next to the word. You can download the audio and hear the pronunciation of a word right on the iPhone via speaker or headphone. It’s awesome.

Note: To use the dictionary service, you do not need Wifi or 3G connection. But to access Word of the day or listen to pronunciation, you’ll need to hook up the iPhone to the Internet.

I know Dictionary.com is not the only app that provides this kind of dictionary service. But probably it’s the only provider that brings this service to iPhone for free. The Dictionary.com app is already available on App Store. You can download it via this direct iTunes link.


iPhone 3.0 Beta Jailbreak: Hold Off, Not To Jailbreak

11 04 2009

As I reported in my earlier post, you shouldn’t worry about the jailbreak issue for iPhone firmware 3.0. With the recent release of iPhone 3.0 Beta 2, iPhone Dev-Team has once again confirmed that it can be jailbroken by using QuickPwn and PwnageTool. As mentioned in its Dev blog, the team said that once a given device can be jailbroken, it can always be jailbroken. So, it’s not surprise that we can jailbreak iPhone 3.0 when it’s officially released.

However, the team also mentioned they will not release any beta version of QuickPwn or PwnageTool for jailbreaking iPhone 3.0 beta. They will only debut the jailbreak tools when iPhone 3.0 is officially released this summer. Here are the reasons:

1. We don’t want to have to release a new version of PwnageTool and QuickPwn for every beta release. Last time around during the 2.0 beta period, there were nine (9!) Apple releases, spaced within a few weeks of each other.
2. There are unresolved problems that we’re still working on. It’s currently impossible to get the 3.0 firmware to talk to baseband 02.28 where yellowsn0w lives, for instance.
3. We don’t want to have to support everyone who wants to back down from the betas…because the betas are, well, buggy.
4. It’s silly to play cat&mouse with Apple during a beta period, when relatively few people are willing to actually use the beta software in their everyday lives. There are ways Apple can tighten the screws, and we’d rather not burn methods just for a beta release.

Probably, you may have heard of the release of QuickPwn 3.0 Beta somewhere around the web for jailbreak iPhone 3.0 Beta 2. Please take note it’s adventurous to jailbreak with QuickPwn Beta. That version of QuickPwn is an UNOFFICIAL release, as iPhone Dev Team warned. The team has published a warning about it:

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT THE UNOFFICIAL QUICKPWN RELEASES IS THAT IF YOU USE THEM, YOU WILL KILL YELLOWSN0W, POSSIBLY FOREVER. That’s because QuickPwn, by its very nature, requires you to already have accepted Apple’s official IPSW, along with its baseband update. If you do that, you will (possibly forever) lose your ability to software-unlock your iPhone 3G.

So, what does it mean to you? Simply hold off the jailbreak until iPhone Dev Team releases an official QuickPwn or PwnageTool for iPhone 3.0.