How To Check iPhone Firmware And Baseband Version

8 05 2009

about_firmware_versioniconThis is a iPhone tip for newbie. In some situations (e.g. jailbreak), you’ll need to know the firmware version or baseband version. Where can you retrieve this information from iPhone? All the iPhone configuration information are resided inside the “Settings” screen. For both firmware and baseband version, they can also be found under settings.

So, simply tap on “Settings” screen and then tap “General”. Further, tap on “About” to reveal the information about your iPhone. The “About” screen displays all the general information about your iPhone including number of songs, cellular network, etc. And you can find the firmware version and baseband in the “Version” field and “Modem Firmware” field respectively.


That’s normal way to check the firmware version. But what if my iPhone is not activated and can only make emergency call. You can dial the secret phone number: *3001#12345#*


Once you make the call, you can tap on version to reveal the version number. If you dial the above number on normal iPhone, you’ll be brought to a field test screen. The secret code may not work for all iPhone firmware version.



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