Stanford Offers Free iPhone Development Course

8 05 2009

stanford-iphone-prog-courseHere’s your chance to learn all the development skills to create a great iPhone application. Stanford University has been teaching iPhone development course since last year. The university is begins to offer free course materials and lecture videos for anyone who are interested in learning iPhone programming.

The iPhone Application Programming course is originally a 10-week computer science class (from Apr 1 to Jun 3), taught by two Apple employees in School of Engineering. Now, you are free to join the programme by downloading course presentation and lecture video via Stanford’s iTunes U. The lecture video will be available two days after the course meeting. The material that are available to the public is exactly the same as those received by students on campus. However, you’ll not receive any course credits from Stanford. This shouldn’t be the problem for those who just want to learn the iPhone development skills.


The first lecture was started on Apr 1. The presentation material and lecture video for this lecture is already available for download. It gives a basic introduction to iPhone programming, Objective-C and the development tools. For more information about the course, you can check out:

I have already downloaded the course presentation and is now grabbing the lecture video. Gone back to the old days, I admire I can study at Stanford University. I’m really thrilled that Stanford University offers a free chance for the general public to attend the lecture (virtually).

If you’re planning to create your iPhone application, go ahead to download the course material. Let’s join and study the course together. What do you think about the course? Feel free to leave comment below and share your view.




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