Air Sharing – Transfer files to another PC using iPhone as mobile server

22 09 2008
Air Sharing

Air Sharing

According to my previous post, Air Sharing may convert your iPhone or iPod Touch become as a wireless drive. It’s also works as a mobile hard disk that lets you carry & view documents on-the-go, even when you’re offline. Click here for more details how to sync Air Sharing to your PC.

What i’ve been discovered here is your iPhone may become as mobile server while using Air Sharing application. It’s mean you can transfer and view documents from PC to another PC using internet browser as long as your iPhone stay connect with network (EDGE/WIFI/3G). Also you could download and store documents from PC to another PC using Air Sharing. I’ve been trying it using Mozilla Fire Fox browser and its works very well. See instruction below how to connect Air Sharing using Mozilla Fire Fox browser.

Step 1: Run Mozilla Fire Fox browser and open Air Sharing on iPhone, make sure your iPhone connect to network. You should find a HTTP URL in the status bar at the bottom. This is the iPhone’s URL your internet browser will connect to.

Step 2: Just type the your iPhone’s IP address ( at the address bar on the Mozilla Fire Fox browser. Now you can access all files in your iPhone. If the files still not appear yet, just click “Reload/Refresh” on your internet browser.

8080 on address bar

Type the IP Address = on address bar

Air Sharing files

Air Sharing files

Step 3: You might be view your particular document/file by just click on it. You also could download the particular files by “Save file” via your internet browser.

view & download files

view & download your files

In my opinion, please try all steps above on Safari or other internet browser. Hope it should works very well.


Air Sharing – Transfer files from PC & View Document on iPhone over the air

21 09 2008

Air Sharing

Air Sharing, which is a new application in AppStore, provides you a very easy way to connect your iPhone with your computer and transfer files between them. With Air Sharing enabled, your iPhone appears as a shared drive on your computer. You can transfer files from computer to iPhone by just drag & drop.  It’s meaning to say that, if you not around you still sync your PC at home/office as long as your PC and iPhone stay connect over internet and EDGE/WIFI/3G networks.  But it still lack of editing file features. On top of that, the most impressive feature is Air Sharing lets you view documents locally on iPhone at any time, even when you’re offline.

Supported File Formats

* Microsoft Office Document including Word, Excel and Powerpoint
* Apple’s iWork Document including Pages, Number and Keynote
* RTF (Rich Text Format)
* RTFD (TextEdit documents with embedded images)
* Plain text document with Unicode support
* Source code file (e.g. C/C++, Java, Javascript, XML, etc) with coloured syntax highlight
* Movie file (Format supported: H.264, MPEG-4, 3GPP)
* Audio file (Format supported: MP3 VBR, AAC, WAV, etc)
* Image file (Format supported: GIF, PNG, JPG, TIFF, etc)

How to transfer file and connect Air Sharing to your Windows XP

Step 1: Launch Air Sharing and your iPhone is now ready for other computer’s connection. In Air Sharing, you should find a HTTP URL in the status bar at the bottom. This is the iPhone’s URL your computer will connect to.

Air Sharing shows your IP Address

Air Sharing shows your IP Address

Step 2: Start your Windows PC and launch “My Network Places”. In the blue toolbar on the left, Click “Add a Network Places” and then click “Next” at the Add Network Places Wizard welcome screen.

Step 3: Select “Choose another network location” an then click next.

Step 4: Enter Air Sharing’s IP Address and click “Next”.

Note : Air Sharing’s current IP address is as shown in your iPhone at the status bar. Unfortunately, the IP address may change from one day to the next time. You should resetting all the step mentioned again for the next future connection.

Step 5: Enter a name for this new connection such as “RDSBC’s iPhone” for example.

Step 6: Be sure Open this network place when click “Finish” is checked and press “Finish”

Step 7: You Air sharing web folder should now be mounted and ready to use.

Step 8: You also could create new folder and rename it in your Web folder such as “RDSBC Files” for example.

Step 9: You can now drag & drop files such as PDF and Excel document onto iPhone.

Drag & Drop files

Drag & Drop files

View your Document using Air Sharing

Open Air Sharing application and select a folder that your would access and view your particular document. Check out the screenshots and see how you can view different documents via Air Sharing.

RDSBCs files document

RDSBC's files document

Take a look how Air Sharing view my files!

For your information all documents in Air Sharing can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode.

UPDATED: Click here for those who would like access file/documents from PC to another PC using iPhone as a mobile server

NOTE: According to Avatron Software Inc, Air Sharing will be selling at a price of US$6.99. For now, it’s running a promotion for two weeks only. You can download it for free on Apple’s AppStore. You have to take your action now. I can say this is a must-have application on iPhone.