Format Fix for iPhone 2.1 Firmware

25 11 2008

For iPhone jailbreak user, i’m already post about Caller ID and SMS ID  which you have mismatch number problem found especially in countries where iPhone is not distributed. You can check out my post here about this problem.

Formatting is very useful when international prefix, area code and subscriber number are correctly separated with spaces or dashes but is tremendous if wrong informations or formats of other countries are used. This application essentially replace the format file with an upgraded version. Thanks to Carlo Franchino who developed and tries to solve the problem above. You can read all the supported countries in this PDF format.

You could install Format Fix via Cydia. Just launch Cydia > Select “section” on haptic menu > select “Localization” > and install “Format Fix for 2.1.


CallerID Fix Collection v1.1.4: Number Mismatch Problem

15 11 2008

For Jailbreak iPhone user, You may have experienced a problem after upgrading to firmware 2.1 which are trouble with Caller ID and SMS. When you get incoming calls or SMS from person in contacts, the iPhone still displays the phone number instead of contact name. This problem is especially common for those countries where iPhone is not officially distributed.

How To Check Your Phone Number Format is Supported In Your Country?

You should go to “Settings” -> “General” -> “International” -> “Region Format”. If your country is not listed, you probably need CallerID Fix Collection application to rescue. CallerID Fix Collection v1.1.4, developed by Carlo Franchino (Frank8), is a solution for those iPhones in a country that is not supported in Regional Format. It’s available in Cydia  for free. The latest release of CallerID Fix Collection (v1.1.4) added the following country support:

Install CallerID Fix Collection via Cydia

Launch Cydia and Select “Sections” at haptic menu, select “Localization” category and select “CallerID Fix Collection” or you can tap “Search” in Cydia and just type “CallerID Fix Collection”. Select “Install” button at the right top and confirm it to install.



Hopefully, your country will be included in the next release.