Snow White: Calculator Theme For WinterBoard

23 02 2009

The power of  WinterBoard is that it can skin nearly anything (e.g. icons, lock screen, keyboard) in your iPhone. has released a Calculator-white theme that mods the iPhone Calculator. Your iPhone should be unlocked & jailbroken in order to use WinterBoard. Winterboard on iPhone (like its predecessor Summerboard for iPhone 1.1.4) is an iPhone theme manager that allows you to change any WinterBoard/SummerBoard theme on iPhone. See instruction on  how to install WinterBoard Via Cydia.


Add Sources Snow White Via Cydia

Before your install Snow White Theme you have to add the “” cydia source. Just launch Cydia > Tap “Home” on haptic menu > Select “” >Select “Install” at the right top > Tap “Confirm” at the right top to install.

Install Calculator-White Theme Via Cydia

Launch Cydia > Select “Sections” at haptic menu > Select “Themes” category > and select “Calculator-White” or you can tap “Search” in Cydia and type “Calculator-White” > Select “install” button at the right top and confirm it to install.
Launch Cydia > Select “Manage” at haptic menu > Select “Sources” > and select “” > Select “Calculator-White” > Select “install” button at the right top and confirm it to install.
Activate Calculator-White Theme via WinterBoard

Your calculator theme still in the “unactive” condition. To activate it, just launch Winterboard and select “Calculator-White”. Your WinterBoard will verify with mark symbol. Press “Home” button and you’ll then bring back to the locked screen. Unlock it, launch calculator and you’ll see a fresh new look of your calculator.


How To Transfer Video (Cycorder) Files To PC (Transfer Files Vol.3)

29 01 2009

This is volume 3 of the Transfer Files series. In my previous post, i was covered how to transfer files to PC for volume 1 and volume 2. For jailbroken iPhone user, i’m very sure that you are already use the cool application for iPhone called Cycorder. For beginner iPhone jailbreak user, Cycorder is one of great tools to turn your iPhone camera into video for free. You can check out my post here for Cycorder installation.

You may consider to save the video files into PC after made several video due to insufficient memory space in your iphone hard disk. The easy way to that is using Disk Aid. DiskAid is a freeware that lets you transfer files between iPhone / iPod Touch and PC. With DiskAid you can manually select  all or one by one of your favorite video by copying and transfer it to PC without using iTunes. See more details about DiskAid and download it here.

Make sure your are at “Media Folder”, you can check it out by select it at the bottom left of your DiskAid window. Click at “Videos” folder, for your information all video files in Cycorder have been save in the “Videos” folder, next time you just select this folder when you like to access all your video files in the future. Select “Videos” folder and all  video files information will appear on your right side bar.

Right Click one of the video files that you would like to transfer and select “copy to folder” and save it to folder where you created before. Alternatively, you also can transfer or copy file by clicking “Copy to Folder” icon at the top of the DiskAid window.

You may also can copy folder to PC. Just select “Media” folder. Right click on “Videos” and select “copy to folder” and save it to your preferences folder in PC. This method is suitable for those who would like to transfer large amount of video files to PC.

Bluetooth File Transfer Coming to the iPhone Soon

27 01 2009

The Bluetooth file transfer application will only be available through the cydia distribution framework for jailbroken iPhones. The tool appears to be based on the work of the BlueSn0w project, which theoretically allows developers to write/implement fully functional Bluetooth stacks that run on your iPhone, thus opening the door for not only file transfers, but also use of  Bluetooth keyboards/mice, syncing with host computers and other mobile devices, and more robust support for pairing with third-party Bluetooth devices.

A video, embedded below, of the transfer tool shows files being moved from a Mac to the iPhone, and subsequently from the iPhone to a Sony Ericsson phone:

Read more here about file transfer over bluetooth

iPod Widget: Bring New Addons For SBSettings Toggle

12 01 2009

This provides an iPod play / pause widget available at Cydia for free. This widget allow you access your  iPod app without open and closed another apps, you just start playing music by pressing it at your SpringBoard. This widget solves this issue by giving you a play / pause button that will load a random track and start playing it. If you have paused a song, it will resume where you left off. If your iPod gets closed and reopened, iPhone rebooted or such, then it will randomly select a song and will not just start at the same song each time.

An alternative is to press power, then double tap home. This lets you start a track, then slide to unlock and you’re back to safari. This seemed ok at first. But unfortunately, it always starts playing on the same song. This was very annoying.

Before you use iPod widget, you have to install SBSettings first. Check out my post here on how to install SBSettings via Cydia.

Install iPod Widget Via Cydia

Step 1: Launch Cydia. Select “sections” at haptic menu, select “Add Ons” category and select “iPod Widget” or you can tap “Search” in Cydia and type “iPod Widget”.


Step 2: Select “install” button at the right top and confirm it to install.

Step 3: If you iPod toggle still doesn’t appear on SBSettings, you have to setup first by launch SBSettings > press “More” button > select “Set Toggles” > and set iPod on > press “home” button and your iPhone restart automatically.

How To use iPod Widget

Without this widget and you are in an app like safari, and you want to start your iPod playing music, you have to exit the app, load the iPod app, start your music, and then reload safari once again. If you want to play you music while surfing internet using safari, just tap accross the status bar at the top or you can tap the status bar within 1-3 second and your SBSetting will pop up on your Home Screen.

iPod widget on SBSettings

As you can see on the screenshot above iPod toggle just appear on the SBSettings. The red colour indicate your iPod is switch off  and green colour indicate your iPod is switch on. What you want to do is just tap on this toggle to play or pause your music. Your music will resume by pressing it again where your left off.

An alternative, i have the old tips instead iPod toggle function above. You just press “Home Button” twice while using safari or read your email, and the simple button to control your music will pop up as screenshot below. You can check out my post here for detail instruction about iPhone “Home Button” Tricks.

How To View Your iPhone Storage Information

6 01 2009

You might be want to know how many the percentage of application/program installed and stored in your iPhone OS hardisk. If you realize, the storage information now available in Cydia with complete and detail pie chart. To view it, you just tap on Cydia icon > Manage > Storage



The information as in the “Storage” separate with two part, with small partition shows 500M storage its called “system storage” which is including programs related with libraries and root system. The second part is related with your iPhone general storage followed by 4GB, 8GB and 16GB depends on your built in iPhone HDD size. These including the detail information about how many(percentage) application that you installed it from Cydia’s open sources and also application from App Store and iTunes. But you only can view this storage information while your have internet connection. Check out my post here how to use Cydia.

Alternatively, you can still view the storage information when you’re offline using SBSetting. But SBSettings just gives simple information instead the storage info aboved. When you’re have internet connection, its display wifi iP address, HDD info and availble memory. Then when you’re don’t have internet connection, its only shows your info about HDD free and available memory. Check out my post here on how to install SBSettings and how to use it.

Leopard Theme (WinterBoard)

4 01 2009

Leopard Theme is available in Cydia for free under the “Theme (SpringBoard). Its a gorgeous WinterBoard theme for WinterBoard with custom icons, wallpaper, dock and statusbar. It give your iPhone/iPod Touch the look and feel of new Mac Os X and its like to carrying Mac anywhere in your pocket. See the detail instruction on how to install Leopard Theme.

You may also see a Tablet Theme for WinterBoard.

Play Flash Video using iMobileCinema

3 01 2009

When you browse web page with embedded YouTube video using iPhone’s Safari, you will see a little blue cube, appear on your screen,  its mean the mobile Safari is not capable to play Flash, as well as, Flash video. So, when you come across any web page with flash video (e.g. YouTube video), Safari doesn’t show you the video but a little blue cube.

The recent release of iMobileCinema powers iPhone to playback flash video in Safari. iMobileCinema, which is still in beta, is a Safari plugin and only works on jailbreak iPhone. I have installed and tested on my iPhone. Yes, it does work on YouTube and Google Video. But for other websites with embedded YouTube videos, as I tested, it doesn’t work quite well. iMobileCinema detects the embedded video but you just can’t playback. As mentioned by the development team, iMobileCinema is still in beta. You’ll see better flash video support in coming official release.

iMobileCinema only support YouTube And Google Video for a meant time

Install iMobileCinema via Cydia

Step 1: Add the source ( at Cydia repository. For those who do not know how to add a source in Cydia, you can check out this post here.

Step 2: Launch Cydia. Select “sections” at haptic menu, select “Multimedia” category and select “iMobileCinema” or you can tap “Search” in Cydia and type “iMobileCinema”.


Step 3: Select “install” button at the right top and confirm it to install.

Note: iMobileCinema can only play flash-based video but not flash. Its just a safari plugin so you can’t see any icon of iMobileCinema on your SpringBoard.