iPhone Apps: Hood v1.0 by RiP Dev

25 11 2008

Hood v1.0 is a quick little app that lets you toggle AirPort, Bluetooth, kill active application and monitor the memory usage in real time. Hood is available in Installer.app, its works just like SBSettings, you slide your finger across the status bar, and a panel slides down with all your toggles. There you can turn your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on or off. You can also kill and monitor currently running applications.

The function of Hood v1.0 is similiar with Wifi Toggle but i think the Hood UI is too interactive rather than Wifi Toggle. You can also check out my post here about Wifi Toggle for a comparison.

Install Hood v1.0 via Installer

Step 1: Launch Installer by tapping installer icon on your SpringBoard. Then select “categories” on haptic menu and select “Utilities”, you might see “Hood” apps tap it to install. Don’t forget to restart your SpringBoard after the installation completed to activate it.



How to use Hood V1.0

Step 2: In order to turn On/Off your Wifi or Bluetooth, you just tap and hold down the status bar above within 1-2 second or you just slide your finger across the status bar.

Step 3: You panel will slides down with all your toggles such as Wifi button, Bluetooth button and Springboard Restart button. Tap “Wifi” button to turn On your Wifi and you will see the the Wifi button is highlight with orange colour indicating your wifi has turn on.

Step 4: You can also turn On/Off your Wifi and monitor your iPhone anytime you like with currently running applications. Here there is, i’m on running notes application for examples and simultaneuosly i can turn on/off my Wifi by tapping the status bar. You can aslo try this tips on other currently running application such as sending and typing email or browsing using safari. Have Fun!