iPhone A Day

31 07 2008

Last time my colleague was introduced the first version of iPod Touch, then him show me entire functions and applications such as typing in note, browsing internet, preview and zooming photo. It’s cool! and i’m very impressive about iPhone UI (User Interface) especially in text input, the virtual keyboard is very adequate. It’s because, most smartphones today has rich of features and functions but lacks of virtual keyboard where you have to use stylus due to input text while typing.



I’d never used Apple product before and I think i must have one!. As a gadget savvy, I’m also studied and reviewed entire Apple iPhone features and luckily I’ve bought one iPhone (Firmware 1.1.4) 3 months ago. Click here for more information about Apple iPhone tech specs.

Nevertheless, the problems that i would like to highlight here is the device (phone) that your use for access the data and making calls. I think most of smartphones still hasn’t ready about the friendly UI (User Interface). Sometimes your figure it out that your smartphones had lacks of the featured when you needed, such as while your are browsing the internet with the tiny screen and unable to read the article on the web because your smartphones doesn’t have adequate zooming features. But, Apple iphone has already fixed all this mess.

Here, i attached a few facts about the iPhone consumption compare to other smartphones.

iPhone Consumption Compare To Smartphone

iPhone Consumption Compare To Smartphone

M:Metrics applies trusted media measurement methodologies to assess the audience for mobile content and applications. As the world’s most authoritative mobile media measurement firm, M:Metrics delivers the most accurate mobile market metrics through the world’s largest monthly survey of mobile subscribers as well as automated data collection methodologies.

M:Metrics found that a staggering 30.9 percent of iPhone owners watched mobile TV or video, versus a 4.6 market average, and more than double the rate for all smartphone users. Usage of social networking is also popular among iPhone users: 49.7 percent accessed a social networking site in January, nearly twelve times the market average. Twenty percent of iPhone owners accessed Facebook, one of the first Web properties to customize its content for the iPhone, versus 1.5 percent of the total mobile market.

This data indicates that the iPhone is widgets are and effective means to drive mobile content consumption.Two featured widgets, YouTube and Google Maps are extremely popular among iPhone users: 30.4 percent accessed YouTube and 36 percent used Google Maps. In comparison, only one percent of all mobile subscribers accessed YouTube and 2.6 percent checked out Google Maps. From data above, i should consider that iPhone have their own class. It’s up to you whether you put iPhone in hand phone or smartphone category.

Nowadays in KML (Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan), Apple iPhone user is increase proportional with incoming new iPhone 3G which had launched recently. So, iPhone community is getting grow up here!. I recommended that you set your appetite with the multitouch devices featured here instead.

If you’re seeking for a smartphone or mobile phones, i could suggest to you an Apple iPhone that the most heart seekers phone ever seen. It’s the biggest new that shock our mobile industry and naturally Malaysians want to have opportunity to share iphone experience too. Although we are depressed that it still not coming to our shores officially, no doubt it would be a favorite for many users.