How To Check iPhone Firmware And Baseband Version

8 05 2009

about_firmware_versioniconThis is a iPhone tip for newbie. In some situations (e.g. jailbreak), you’ll need to know the firmware version or baseband version. Where can you retrieve this information from iPhone? All the iPhone configuration information are resided inside the “Settings” screen. For both firmware and baseband version, they can also be found under settings.

So, simply tap on “Settings” screen and then tap “General”. Further, tap on “About” to reveal the information about your iPhone. The “About” screen displays all the general information about your iPhone including number of songs, cellular network, etc. And you can find the firmware version and baseband in the “Version” field and “Modem Firmware” field respectively.


That’s normal way to check the firmware version. But what if my iPhone is not activated and can only make emergency call. You can dial the secret phone number: *3001#12345#*


Once you make the call, you can tap on version to reveal the version number. If you dial the above number on normal iPhone, you’ll be brought to a field test screen. The secret code may not work for all iPhone firmware version.


Quick Reset

15 12 2008

You may sync and install the new apps with big size of file. To avoid any failure for first time launching for your new apps, the better way is to make quick reset while your device has still turned on. You might also had some problem with you device get stuck on boot (at the apple logo).

To do this all you have to do is hold down the “power” button and the “home” button simultaneously while the device is turned on. While you hold this you will see the ’slide to power down’ notification but don’t let go this both button. A few more seconds and you will see the screen turn off and the entire iPhone or iPod Touch will shut off. You may count it about 10-15 second for all process above complete.

Recovery And Restore Mode

15 12 2008

Sometimes you need to ‘reset’ your device with a fresh install of the OS. One way to do this is by putting your iPhone or iPod Touch into Restore/Recovery Mode and then restoring it from iTunes.

To do this you will need to turn your iPhone or iPod Touch off first. Then while it off, hold the home button and then plug in the USB cable until you’ll see the ‘restore mode’ screen so you can then restore in iTunes.

How To Put Your iPhone into DFU Mode

15 12 2008

This tip is the most popular way while unlock & jailbreak due to upgrading or downgrading you iPhone. Just for remind, the timing is very important here because its very tricky. But don’t have to worry because you can do it again if you fail to do so.

To do this you need to turn your device off first. When it is completely off, push and hold the power button. Count to 5 and then push and hold the home button(keeping the power button pressed down still). Count to 10 and then let go of the power button(keeping the home button pressed down). Count to 30 and you should hear some notification on your PC or Mac that the device has been put into DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode.

iPhone’s “Home” Button Tricks

3 08 2008

“Home” button have been there since iPhone firmware 1.1.1. Actually, most user don’t know “Home”  button is very use full. I am sure many of you listen to music on your iPhone while surfing the internet or while using other applications, after all iPhone is also the best iPod Apple has created so far.

If you wanted to access the iPod controls while using any application simultaneously, you might be hitting the home button and then launching the iPod application from the home screen. However, there is some tricks to access the iPhone’s iPod controls.

ipod controls

iPod controls

What would you do is just double clicking the “Home” button on your iPhone brings up a set of controls for volume, skipping tracks, and pausing your music without leaving the current application. There’s even a “Music” button that takes you straight to the iPod application.

This trick also works while you phone in the unlock mode where at your iPhone screen shows “Slide to unlock”. If you double click the “Home” button from “Slide to unlock” screen or when the iPhone is in sleep mode, a set of iPod controls will appear below the clock which give you access to play/pause, skip, and volume controls. Even tough, when you have no music playing, then double-clicking the “Home” button will bring up your Favorites list in the Phone apps.

iPhone in unlock mode

iPhone in unlock mode

You can customize the “Home” button double-click feature from Settings >> General >> Home Button.

This is extremely helpful when you need quick access to your phone from another application.