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3 responses

1 12 2009

Why does my iphone (bought used, 1st Gen w/ OS 3) show many programs installed under both Cydia and Icy (came w/both apps on phone) without icons on Springboard? How can I access these programs? Is it OK to leave both Icy and Cydia on my device?

Many Thanks Ahead of Time!

4 12 2009

Hello Mike….

its recommended to you dont install icy and just leave your cydia in your iPhone…mostly all apps in icy not compatible with OS 3.0 thats why the icon can’t appear on your springboard…in other hand the icy is dead and not popular..some apps in cydia dont have an icon because these apps only operate at the background or in the system only…but you can try this: after installed apps from cydia just reboot and respring your springboard..

i’m glad to know and you may show me which apps that your installed it from cydia so i can identified which apps have a problem during installation..but try my solution above first..thanks

11 08 2010
Kim Johnson

I have just downloaded cydia and tried to jailbrake my i phone with it, however i get a message on the cydia homescreen that reads this device has a pending tss request. what does that mean?

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